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"Used with permission by" Manga

Name:Lance Kalidor Xternal
Nicknames:Rogue, Lord of Stones
Sex: Male
Height:6 ft even
Weight:190 lbs
Hair:Dark brown, nearly black with a single silver forelock like his father's
Eye color:Two colors, the left one is deep green, the other is puppy dog brown, one of each of his parents.
Appearance:Youthful and strong, Lance dresses neatly and handsomely, all the while remaining comfortable. Usually dressed in a grey, sleeveless undertunic with a vest or full tunic over it and black pants of Levi-like material. He tends to put his hair back and it remains that way until someone undoes it. He has begun growing a goatee
Occupation:Lord of Stones, Guardian to Sherie O'Kennedy
Birthplace:Moonlit Castle
Outward attitude:Friendly and enthusiastic, pleasant to be around and very playful. Is known to be affectionate with women in public.
Inward Nature:Calm and introspective, calculating. Roguish when happy and withdrawn when hurt. Doesn't anger easily
Weapons:The earth and stones themselves
Abilities:As Lord of Stones, he inherits the ability to control and manipulate earthy materials naturally, no magic involved. He can work with anything earth, from sand to some simple metals. He has difficulty with mud as the water dillutes his abilites, and crystals, gems, and things of that nature are still difficult yet to manipulate as he is still mastering his powers.
Spells:Nissa taught him a few healing spells to use when he cannot use his Earth Healing. He also can create small lights (not flames) about the size of a basketball, that last for about three hours before disappearing. He can create an Earth Gate that allows him to traverse great distances in a single step as well as anyone who is in direct contact with him. This is a magical ability, unlike his others, due to the nature of it. Also a magical ability is earth melding... simply put he can infuse himself into stone or earth or sand, etc. Unlike his father, he does not need to be linked with earth or stone to survive, therefore he doesn't have his father's fatal weakness.
Creatures/Pets/Familiars:Jasper, his golem that he created at birth. Jasper is a rare breed of golem that evolves and is sentient. As his master grows, he too grows. Jasper began as a tiny dust golem that watched over Lance as he grew up. He has so far been a tiny dust golem, a 2 foot tall sandstone golem, a 3 foot tall dirt golem, and is currently a man-sized rock golem. His next evolution will be a stone golem and if Lance wills it, will seperate into two and begin evolving from sandstone again.
Special Notes:Lance is a young man who's boyhood dreams were shattered... through it all, he survived, loved by his mother and father despite their times of trouble and strife. Lance began receiving visions when he was 17 and in his visions one night he received images of Sherie O'Kennedy. He did not know at that moment that she would come into his care, but he was bound and determined to save her from the evil that chased her.
One night he went to Earth to retrieve her and has kept her safe since that night, thwarting a dark being with their purity of heart together. Now, Lance struggles to understand and grow close to his friend, this stranger from another world that has captured his heart with her naive innocence and her fiery temper.

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