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"Used with permission by artist" Jonathan Earl Bowser, Picture named "Cathedral"

Name:Lara Liadon
Hair:dark brown
Eye color:forest green
Appearance:young, innocent, pale skin, small stature
Occupation:Master Healer of Atlantica
Birthplace:northern mountains
Outward attitude:Humanitarian
Inward Nature:Rebel
Weapons: Rapier and Dagger
Abilities:healing and other white magic, master sword fighter
Spells:heal, resurrection, protection, ridding of evil
Creatures/Pets/Familiars:Galwin, a red tailed hawk
Special Notes:Lara is a practicing Druidess, she left her family to the north and joined the clergy because she wanted to make something of her life, she is the second born of noble blood, so if she remained at home she would not amount to much. She is now living in Atlantica and is the Master Healer.

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