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Name:Luceiia Varrus
Age:unknown (Looks to be 19-20)
Weight:117 lbs
Eye color:green
Appearance:Slim figure, is always seen wearing something that covers most of her head. She has large eyes and fine skin.
Outward attitude:She is a very observant person. She's not too shy when it comes to privacy, although she can't speak to them she watches others intently..a little unerving for some
Inward Nature:She's very curious about other people and their lifes. She's too shy to use her telepathy abilities on just anyone. The ice has to be broken first.
Weapons: Only holds a short dagger at her belt. Though she can use a staff.
Abilities:Telepathic, can communicate with others through the mind.
Spells:She can charm creatures, like wild animals.
Special Notes:She was born deaf and her parents taught her to use her telepathy when she was very young. She ended up never knowing her parents or any others of her race while growing up. She was taken from her home when they were raided by humans and was then raised by a loving widowed woman who stood up for her when they wanted to feed her to the dogs. The woman named her Cassandra and told who she was and to never talk about it to others or they might hurt her. This woman died only a month ago and Cassandra was driven from her town. Now she travels, going nowhere in particular. She hides the evidence of her race by covering most of her head all the time.

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