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Used with permission by the Artist who is the Player, Do NOT take the image it is her own work.

Name:Lumina Silverfang {White Werewolf}
Nicknames:Ice-for-Eyes and Shewolf
Race:Tyranese {Werewolf}
Height:6'1 and {8'9
Weight:145 lbs. {357 lbs.}
Hair:Silver {fur White}
Eye color:Crystal Blue
Appearance:Long ragged layers of silver hair and large crystal blue eyes. Very tall and lank in her Tyranese form. As her were-self, Looking like a -huge- pure white wolf, having a single black streak run the legnth of her tail. Long legged and build like a tank, with well groomed white fur and a long tail.
Occupation:How about hobbies? She likes to hunt and sing.
Birthplace:The tundras of Tel'Devain.
Outward attitude:Pretty harsh and cold, never trusting strangers and always cautious around others. Just as every smart Were is.
Inward Nature:One known, is rather outgoing, all for talking, and can be very loving. It's pretty hard to get past the wolfish form on the outside, however.
Weapons:The birthright of every Werewolf, the razor sharp claws, the huge teeth, and natural cunning.
Abilities:The inborn ability to shapeshift from Tyranese to Were form. This transformation naturally heals wounds by reverting flesh to the healthy form. A sort of 'self-healing'. Aside from high agility, and excellent endurance, there is the 'Will of the Tundra'. This is the asking of the tundra to come to where she is, to make it her own ground, and not some one elses.
Spells:Shape-Shifting as a skill. Will of the Tundra. A variety of snow and frost related spells (though none are very strong of devastating.)
Special Notes:Vince, te amo para siempre! Catalepsey, mejores amigas para siempre. To others, as always, may the Winter treat you kindly, and may you be favored in the hunt...

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