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Name:Lysine delaMontague Thorstonson
Nickname:Lolipop Kid
Race:Shadow Elf
Eye color:Blue
Appearance:Fair, with a slight look of curiosity.
Outward attitude:Honorable. Slightly Vindictive, with a tendancy toward the truth of things.
Inward Nature:Troubled. Searching.
Weapons: "Wyrm Bane" +4 Two-Handed Sword. Assorted Daggers.
Abilities:Full shadow ablities. Level 4 Celerity. Partial shape shifting skills. Fullly developed assasin skills.
Special Notes:Lysine is a former assasin, who saw the error of his ways. He has put himself on a personal quest to right the wrongs he commited to humanity, by helping everyone who truly needs it. Is not afraid to use his former occupation's skills to "get the job done right" as it where.

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