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"Used with permission" by Artist Dryta DKen Drawn for the character Merloch.

"Used with permission" by Artist Lady Pentress Drawn for the character Merloch.

Merloch Darklighter

Title:The Reborn One
Sex: Male
Race: Demloch
Age: 436
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 126 lbs
Hair: Shoulder length, glossy black, soft hair
Eye color: Faded blue eyes
Appearance: Merloch's short stature often cause this creature to be percieved as harmless, yet his eyes flicker, and his deep bronzed skin can tell people he's more then what meets the eye...
Occupation: Leader of The Council of Selton, Avatar of The Republic
Birthplace: Etheral Borders
Outward attitude: Leisurely, Respectful, Honest
Inward Nature: Quick, Caring, Mischevious, Curious
Weapons: Light Sabre, Progressive Knife, Silver dagger, wooden staff, chi bow
Abilities: Teleport, Holyfire, Hellfire, Spiritflame, Soul Sheild, Mind Whip, Will Breaker, Mental Reflux, Telepathy, Telekentics, Chi Persuasion, Chi Strength, Nexus Sight, Chi Blast, Pyrokentics,
Spells: Time Spells, Soul/Spirit Spells, Forces Magic, Translocation, Prime Magic, Life Magic, Fire Magic, Earth Magic, Water Magic, Air Magic, Mind Magic
Creatures/Pets/Familiars: Merloch is often seen discussing politics with an orange tabby cat, possessing many fae-like qualities. He is also friends to many animal and spirits, including a Goddess or two...
Special Notes: Officially, Merloch lives in Castle Krepta, in Selton, however he is often gone, either visiting his own realm of Selton, wandering the mystic realms of Fantasy, on a mission for The Republic, or even spending some time on Earth, where he has established an identity...

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