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Mikhail's Yahoo Profile

Name:Mikhail of Atlantica
Nickname:Mik, Miky
Height:5' 9''
Weight:150 lbs
Eye color:Gold
Appearance:Is usually wearing his magical blood-red robes and carrying his enchanted staff with the golden orb on top
Occupation:Wizard specialized in the school of Invocation
Birthplace:Legendra, Atlantica
Outward attitude:Quiet, Intense, In Control, Arrogant, Secretive
Inward Nature:Logical, Very Intelligent, Balanced
Weapons: Golden Staff of Power and Silver Dagger of Venom
Abilities:Ancient History, Astrology, Engineering, Gem Cutting, Herbalism, Ancient Languages, Navigation, Reading/Writing, Religion, Spell Craft, Airborne Riding, Modern Languages
Spells:Meteor Swarm, Astral Spell, Binding, Demand, Otiluke's Telekinetic Sphere, Force Cage, Mordenkainen's Sword, Delayed Blast Fireball, Chain Lightning, Enchant Item, Geas, Tenser's Transformation, Cloud Kill, Cone of Cold, Dream, Sending, Wall of Iron, Fire Shield, Fire Trap, Ice Storm, Wall of Fire, Wall of Ice, Fireball, Hold Undead, Lightning Bolt, Melf's Minute Meteors, Feign Death, Detect Evil, Stinking Cloud, ESP, Flaming Sphere, Web, Cantrip, Magic Missle, Read Magic, Shield, Wall of Fog
Creatures/Pets/Familiars:a dwarf dragon named "Geko", a gold dragon named "Pythos"
Special Notes:Mikhail also wears the following items:
Girdle of Many Pouches - A broad waist belt that seems to be nothing more than a well-made belt. However, it has 64 magical pouches, each capable of holding 1 square foot of items weighing up to 10lbs.
Blood-Red Robe of Eyes - Allows the wearer to "see" in all directions at the same moment. The wearer also gains "infravision" to a 120' range and the power to see displaced or out of phase objects and creatures. The wearer is capable of tracking like a 12th Level Ranger and can see all invisible things in a 240' vision range.

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