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Name:Misha Tanorik
Race:Half Human/Half Demon
Age:20 years old
Height:6 ft tall
Weight:117 lbs
Hair:dark-brown w/ reddish highlights
Eye color:blackest coal, no pupils
Appearance:caramel colored skin, dresses in lace gowns of silver, emerald & fuschia, silver cloak w/ emerald fastenings & heel-less leather boots dyed a deep emerald
Birthplace:Tarshalam (realm ruled by demons, inhabited by humans also)
Outward attitude:keeps to herself, observant of those around her, sad, quiet
Inward Nature:angered, sad, wounded
Weapons: no weapons, carries a silver harp w/ finely tuned strings & white, leather satchel carrying her clothes and money
Abilities:mesmerizing singing voice, plays harp
Special Notes:Mother (Mishalle) - human; deceased: died after giving birth
Father (Aruseal) - demon; alive: raised Misha & learned her his tales; banned Misha & Tyran Tanorik when they married; cursed both & forced them to watch the birth and murder of their son when Misha was 18 years old
Aunt (Tyresa) - human; alive: trained Misha in singing and playing the harp
Husband (Tyran) - demon/human; alive; cursed by Aruseal to live a life on the run as an outcast until he repents his wrongs for loving Misha; refused; Misha & Tyran haven't seen, spoken of nor to eachother since son's burial

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