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Nicknames:Water Princess
Race:Human, slightly vampyre due to being bitten
Age:14-16, unsure
Weight:85 lb.
Hair:Dark chestnut
Eye color:emerald green, a hint of aquamarine reflected in them
Appearance:Has fair skin, though slightly tanned. Her eyes glow when she feels a sudden surge of emotion, but mostly from hatred and anger. Her looks are almost enchanting, making some believe she is not entirely human.
Occupation:Wanders, sarching for her long lost past
Birthplace:Few know of her real birthplace, though it is widely rumored it was in the Water Magic Kingdom.
Outward attitude:Is quiet, spends most of her time in deep thought. Whenever threatened, she keeps her cool, giving her an almost careless attitude, even when her life hangs in the line.
Inward Nature:Is a loyal and stead-fast friend. She would never leave someone she cared for in harm, even if the price would be her own death. Enjoys talking of fantasy and what she will do, if she ever learns to be truly peaceful, and about the Kingdom which she seeks as her only goal
Weapons:Has a crystal blade with a silver hilt, with an enchanted emerald set deep in the silver. If danger or evil is present, it will glow brightly.
Abilities:Telepathic, can sense the minds of others, therefor becoming invisable would have no effect on her attacks or her ability to make them find their mark.
Spells:Has several items which she has gathered from quests she has done, alone and with friends; a white orb, to transform into a tiger, a feather from a winged wolf to become an owl, a piece of crystal to become a wolf, a silver and emerald studded bracelet to become a dragon, and a piece of a unicorn horn to become a pegasus.
Creatures/Pets/Familiars:Has a creature that she formed with a piece of her soul; a small, silver wolf, which goes by the name Asriel
Special Notes:She was raised by tigers in the wilderness, far from people. Later she learned that perhaps she was not a simple young girl, left to fend in the wilderness on her own by a mother that abondoned her. She found that her mother had been killed shortly after she was stolen from her when she very young. Now she lives to find any of her kinsmen that remain, and to kill the one who murdered her mother; Malika is now one of her strongest and most hated enemys, even thought they have never met. She will fight against evil. She has not yet figured out her purpose for fighting evil, it comes mearly as an instinct she blindly follows. Perhaps one day her nature shall change, or perhaps it may only grow stronger. Only time will tell...

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