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Name:Morgana Kaine
Nickname:Gana, Morgy, Dylin, Dilly, Boudica, Boa
Hair:White hair with lavender, silver and darkblue highlights
Eye color:Tourmaline
Appearance:Wears an elven worked chainmail shirt That reaches down to her knees, a pair of Black sudae boots that reach midcalf, Always carries a special black bag every where, and wears a Magic, brass amulet with a serpentine dragon with wings spread in an arching shape over seven roses, the rose in the south west corner is punctured and filled with a small crystal
Occupation:Rogue scholar, Gourmond of the arcane arts, healer
Birthplace:An orphanage in Altreas
Outward attitude:Energetic, Materialistic,Diplomatic and sometimes shrewd. Stoic, even tempered and hard to impress . she easily influences others and is admiredfor her sophisticated allure
Inward Nature:Her will power and ambition are coupled by an influencial mind. She is kind and protective, can be authoritarian, and is sensitive to blows to her self esteem.
Weapons: Whip, chain-net, and caltrops, also proficient in daggers, and khopeshes
Abilities:has great leadership capability but knows how not to step on toes of real power
Spells:Empathic link
Creatures/Pets/Familiars:a weasel familliar named Alimar
Special Notes:Left on the doorstep of an Altrean orphanage, Morgana only had an amulet with her. Once she became old enough to be on her own, her care taker was kind enough to give it back to her. It had on it a brass dragon with stretched wings guarding seven roses, one rose in the southwest corner had a crystal embedded into it, and on the back was writing inscribed. With her having been illiterate until she joined a ring of theives, who taught her every branch of theivery from being a decoy, a pickpocket, to a conartist in the royal court, one of her fellow theives read the script to her on the back of her amulet.He said "Hold this amulet to sky of the setting sun and it's light will point the way home." So currently she's battling with leaving the home she's known and loved since she was a baby, and going to meet the parents that had abandoned her.
Of which may or may not be royalty in themselfs due to the fact that the amulet is richly ornate in design, and most likely not coming from a less than well to do House hold

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