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Name:Myrna Dreams
Race:Human Female (1/2), Forest nymph (1/2)
Hair:dark brown
Eye color:emerald green
Appearance:Long velvet forest green dress, cloak same color with lighter lining, gold bands both
Birthplace:Shinder Forest
Outward attitude:Kind, gentle, friendly (usually) to all in nature. Has a tendency to be outspoken at the
Inward attitude:
Weapons: dagger
Abilities:Purify, which heals a creature as well as purging any magical effects present upon it.
Special Notes:History: The Sorceress has been studying and learning the ways of supernatural magic for ages. She lives to create, fascinated by the possibilities of new creatures, combinations of nature and the power to turn loose mythical forces.
Moral judgment plays little part in her doings at times: concerned more with what is possible than the potential consequences. The Sorceress is intrigued with the ability to communicate with animals. She will go to great lengths to learn the secret of this talent.
The Sorceress learned her craft under the watchful tutelage of The Ancient One. But their teacher-pupil relationship is strained when she discovers that The Ancient One robbed her of her true love --- she seeks him always. The Sorceress challenges her teacher, even defying his wishes. It is an impudence that will not go unpunished for long

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