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"Pictures used with permission by the artist, the artist being the player of said characer"

Nicknames: Nym & Nymy
Race: Elf/Mystic
Height: 5'8
Hair: Long brown
Eye color:Big & green
Appearance:Always wearing either long sexy dresses, or fighting attire as seen in pic.
Occupation:Healer, Warrior, and plain entertainment
Birthplace:A bubble realm which was destroyed when i was little.
Outward attitude:Self confident, a little cocky, weird, fun loving.
Inward Nature:Sweet, loving, funny, and still wierd.
Weapons:Long sword & Staff
Spells:Healing spells, shape shifting, lighting, screaming silence, etc...
Special Notes:I have a big heart and i'll do everything in my power to protect my friends and family.
I'm never w/o my little white dragon Barron and my bottemless bag you never know what fun stuff will be in there.
I also have a tattoo on my left shoulder blade that means Faith in Japanease.

Copyright Anna Marie Hoyer, All Rights Reserved. All Artwork found within the pages is copyright the original artist. All Poetry within the pages copyright the orignal writer, All character biographys copyright the player of the character and used here with their permission. All titles done by Vermillion Draven and Gem Bluestone. Page layouts created and made by Anna Marie Hoyer. This page is a Non Profit, For entertainment only page. Do NOT take from my page unless you have prior written consent from the artists.