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Name:O.R.I.O.N. (Offensive Role Ion-tech Online Nanosystem)
Race:A.A.I. (Advanced Artificial Intelligence) or Robot
Age:2 1/2
Hair:no hair
Eye color:when shutdown, black, when online metallic green
Appearance:A large hulking beast, Orion strikes fear into most men. He is made from Uranium Alloy and his whole body shines a dull blackish silver. Now he wears a large cloak. Often when he enters a city he wears the cloak, and hides his face. He has actually earned a reputation. Many people who see him just think he is a friendly giant from the mountains.
Occupation:Offensive Role Ion-tech Online Nanosystem
Birthplace:His shell was created long ago, by the "Star-Crossing" humans that have been showing up lately. His processor was created deep within their military covert operations labs.
Outward attitude:A cold, heartless being. But he was made that way. Built to be the perfect soldier, he doesn't think twice when reaching his objective, often killing civilians and innocents in the process.
Inward Nature:For some time now, his A.A.I. has been going against his programed orders. He finds himself struggling with unknown emotions. He is not sure how to respond to this, but it seems that his circuitry was more advanced than people thought. He has began to feel, and he doesn't like it.
Weapons: Head: Vulcan Cannons(basically three machine guns meld together, the Vulcan Cannon has average accuracy and is only used as a last resort.)Shoulders: LRMs(22 Long Range Missiles are stored in his shoulder armor. Highly effective at weakening a target at long range. Suicide using it in short range battles)LGSBs(4 Laser Guided Smart Bombs are stored in each shoulder. Only effective when flying overhead your target.)Chest:Double LL(Large Lasers don't do much damage, but confuse the enemy with their bright blasts)Rippers(Orions' chest plates open to reveal a salvo of ripper missiles. Small, versatile, and accurate, the missiles earn their name by the tip of the missile which open to reveal miniature drills. After drilling into a tager the missiles explode)N-Attachment(the N-Attachment is basically a self destruct pack that destroys Orion if he is prompted to activate it)Left Arm(these weapons flip out from inside Orions' arm): Canister Rifle(the canister rifle is e! ffective at picking away at foes that are out of reach. The reload time for each shell is about 10 seconds, but the powerful blast is worth it)G-5 Pistol(a weak pistol that is only good for close range)Ion Cannon(using a small amount of energy from his Ion-technology, Orion can fire a beam of energy at his enemy. If it connect it causes severe damage, but if missed, Orion takes awhile to recover) Right Arm: Darkbore AC(a auto cannon, this weapon is highly effective at close range, tuning nearby foes to swiss cheese) Lanzer(a duble bladed laser weapon, thermally powered, only for melee) PML(Proximity Mine Layer, it fires proximity mines at the floor. When enemies get close the mines explode. 2 diffrent versions are available=explosive, and concussive, which stuns the enemy)Hips:Micro Torpedoes(smaller missiles that fire in an irregular angle. Used for enemies coming from above or below) SRMs(Short Range Missiles, they are exactly what their name states)Legs: MRSMs(Medium Rang! e Static Missiles, used in the battlefield, it causes electronics to malfunction) Flame Mortars(fired at the ground to create a wall of flame for escape. When fired at another mechanical enemy, the fire will cause their heat to rise, causing the engine to malfunction) LRMs/SRMs(backup missiles are in the legs. Often they're not used, but saved for last resorts
Abilities:it would take to long to list all the things Orion can do, here are some:Sees/Hears far away, Detects things normally undetectable, can pick locks, flies(limited), cloak(limited), drill underground, immune to fire and gases and somtimes water depending on how its used, can emit a EMP wave, basically Orion can do a lot, even defend against some spells
Spells:sadly, no spells
Creatures/Pets/Familiars:Sagitarius, Pices Nanosystems. Operated with them in war. Military personnel come to his aid occasionally but he's not really friends with them. Animals- Orion especially enjoys watching animals. They do not see him as a threat.
Special Notes:Even though he is not male or female, he is usually labeled as "he". Orions' goal is to feel. Even those he dislikes it, his mind is like a childs. It's still learning and his AI is far more advanced than his creators thought it would have been. Recently Orion has aborted his last mission for no apparent reason. The mission was going fine until all of the sudden he reported in and aborted. No one has been able to locate him since. He is being pursued by the military and everyone else, because their is a reward if he is found. Orion will no longer listen to his creators. He is following his own path.

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