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Used with permission by Artist Jonathan Earl Bowser, Picture named "Cleopatria"

Name:Pearl Arnathal
Weight:112 pounds
Hair:Black to mid-back
Eye color:Dark Brown, flecks of gold
Appearance:Classic Alexandrian female finery, composed of mainly gold weave thread and fine linen. This is hidden by a light gray woolen cloak.
Occupation:None. Ex-Priestess of Inys Witrin.
Birthplace:Arnathal Castle
Outward attitude:Coldly indifferent, seeming to care little about those beyond her immediate family, most of which are deceased. Does not bother to hide her disgust towards those of the opposite sex.
Inward Nature:Bitter, weary, afraid.
Weapons:Solid oaken staff, bow, intricately fletched arrows.
Spells:Protective Sign, Mid-level Healing, Melting Flesh, Acid Rain
Special Notes:Only Daughter of Dark Lord Ki'Andris, The biological daughter of Nissandra Xternal and Ki'Andris Arnathal, Pearl is extremely embittered towards men, this hate stemming from her father's abandonment in her childhood. She was sent back to Alexandria for the remainder of her youth, but then later ran away to seek her own fortune. Pearl joined the ranks of the Priestesses of the Tor, but has since then left their order. Following the deaths of her brother, Merloch and Jade Arnathal, she has wandered through numerous realms aimlessly, waiting for the day when all will be finished and her wearisome life will finally be over with.

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