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Name:Phas Ravynkyndle
Race:Wood Troll
Weight:400 pounds
Hair:long grayish hair
Eye color:dark brown
Appearance:6'9", long grayish hair, has a beard and moustache.
Occupation:Ghuine Town's Elder
Birthplace:Ghuine Village (It was renamed to Ghuine Town after both towns fell.)
Outward attitude:Very friendly, A relaxed kind of person, Takes alot to make him angry, but he would do things to you before you can make him angry.
Inward Nature:He still regrets and wishes that he could have done something to end the meaningless wars.
Abilities:He was given some woodnymph magick.
Special Notes:Phas was born in Ghuine Village and had lived all his life in this war between two towns. The other town belonged to Elves, The elves and the trolls fought constantly and Phas has lost alot of relatives to this ongoing war.

When Phas became a teenager, He had come across an injured woodnymph that was injured by Elves who believed it was a spy sent by the trolls. Phas had helped saved it and she granted him one wish... Phas wished that he had magick like the woodnymph. She smiled and granted him that wish...

When he grew into an adult, He thought the elves and the trolls injuring the travellers that came by was wrong, He would set out and put the travellers to the test, He would come on the road as they passed by. He would be hungry and starving and asked for food, If they rejected.. they had something bad in store for them. But if they gave him something to eat, Many good things came to them.

After he became the elder of the new Ghuine Town, He now travels, searching for the travellers that brought down both towns. He has found them.. but dares not to tell them who he is. Only one recognizes him.. Caleb Widow.

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