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Artist Luis Royo, Title, "1st Duelest"

Name:Lord Predator
Nicknames:Pred, Preddy
Race:Mutant human
Age:eternally 35
Eye color:Green
Appearance::usually black tank top and camo pants sometimes wear armor
Occupation:weapons smith and scientist
Birthplace::washington D.C. 4964
Outward attitude:polite, sometimes goofy, sometimes mature, can be pissed off somewhat easily
Inward Nature: private, talks only to friends about personal feelings, violent personal nature from time to time but has his reasons as his true friends know
Weapons:95% of hand to hand combat weapons, any weapon that shoots he can operate, vehicle weapons (tanks and such) specialty
Special Notes: can fly, uses portals to teleport, can take damage but heals quickly will never grow old but can be killed

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