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Name:Raine Quin'Tara
Race:Elemental Soceress/Wizardess
Weight:53 kgs
Hair:Blueish Black
Eye color:dark greyish blue violet
Appearance:Golden tanned skin, slender and toned. Very attractive but does not care for looks, but rather the inside. Has a silvery gold sign on her forehead when needed. Is lean but not very very muscled..
Birthplace:Miragian Mountains
Outward attitude:Tough but caring and afectionate. Has a magical presence. Likes adventure and seems to like to travel alone. Is strong willed and ambitious. Inteligent and aware of all.
Inward Nature:Independent and confident, spiritual and determined. Strong willed, ambitious and loves adventure and the Earth. Is very magical. Adventurous and curious. Loving and courgeous.
Weapons: Dagger on her hip, sword on her back (sometimes) arrrows and blow darts. Snake poison.
Abilities:Can fight well and is very skilled with magic. Is learning to swordfight and uses spells well. Nature is her friend and she is it's back.
Spells:Myst blast which hits and paralyzes the enmy. Forcefield for herself. Silver Fox which hovers things. Controlling of ALL elements and ablility to converse with animals and plants. She feels their hearts and souls.
Creatures/Pets/Familiars:Hawk which always flies and travels with her. It is called Blaze. All animals are her friends once she connects with their mind and they understand her. She understands them back. Can morph into a Cougar.
Special Notes:Raine is a very talented young woman and for her age is quite knowledgeable. She has links to the Stars (celestial links) and posseses a great understanding of people, places and animals. Nature is her kin and she is very in touch with it. She is the epitome of one with nature:)

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