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Name:Raith Longwind
Eye color:blue
Appearance:Her body is slender and covered with markings that look like tattos
Occupation:She is a earthy woman. She does what ever is needed to servive.
Birthplace:The woods of Getling
Outward attitude:She is polite and quiet. She is new to people.
Inward Nature:She is afraid of all the new things she is feeling.
Weapons: She has collected many weapons but uses only daggers and spears.
Abilities:She was given the power to blend into any surounding. The Strange marks on her body alows this power. This was a gift from the Fairys of Getling.
Spells:She has no spells, only the knowleage of natural healing. with the use of herbs.
Special Notes:She now lives happily in a shack outside the Castle of Atlantica. In the land of Alexandria.
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