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Name:Rase Akiles Thundar
Nickname:R.A.T., "Demon", Magneto, Mr. Attraction, Polarity-boy, Oddball
Race:Human, Demonic Elite
Age:Apparent Age: 19 Actual Age: No clue
Height:5' 9"
Weight:165 lbs
Hair:Crimson red with black highlights
Eye color:Amethyst
Appearance:Pale complexion with enough skin tone to resemble a living human being, black tendril tattoos that are stylishly patterned upon his face and body in many places which glow white with the use of his powers. He usually has his hair drawn back into a tail, the length of his hair in all being to his lower shoulders. His eyes always hold a gleam of intellect and observance.
Occupation:Demonic-Elite, machinist/engineer/mechanic, Interior designer and decorator. Takes very great pride in his work and in designing places of lasting beauty and construction.
Birthplace:South Terrington, Elsewhere
Outward attitude:Playful, witty, even sharp-tongued and mean at times, but always one with a joke or witty comeback. Extremely friendly and hardly ever gets upset, even at being insulted. Brash and arrogant at times, but in a nice way.
Inward Nature:Contemplative and generous, gentle, hurting over his past and what made him come to be what he is, always seeking to make the perfect structure... be it a home or a room or even a tool. Perfectionist, sweetheart to anyone lucky enough to get within him and see him for who he really is.
Weapons: Two metallic bracers that amplify his control over magnetism by putting metal directly in contact with him as a focus. His mouth, his looks. He has a self-made weapon that is like a disc, though without the edges, only a triangular shape with points at the end and holes near those points that go in a perfect circle all the way around. When activated, he controls it with his Elite powers of Magnetic manipulation, the holes making a perfect circle of deadly energy that makes it just about impossible to catch safely as the device spins like a helicopter rotor, making the energy lethal if touched.
Abilities:Natural control over magnets and magnetic forces. Can make watches and compasses go absolutely haywire and has an innate control of levitation and telekinesis due to his Elite-hood power. He has a big fascination with magnets and perpetual motion and comprehends it in ways that most do not even think of.
Spells:Magnetic Ki Wave, an attack which involves mixing spiritual energy with magic and his natural powers and forming a ball of energy in his hands held to his side and released in a thrusting motion that extends his hands in front of him and fires the energy as a beam that flows fully to a target when struck, or remains a beam until he commands it otherwise... this attack is very draining for him, but extremely lethal - it is more or less a finishing attack. Graviton Reversal, this spell causes gravity to invert in a localized area with the exertion of his magicks upon where he focuses them, causing gravity itself to invert and make things literally fall upwards instead of towards the planet... this spell is not perfected and backfires often. Take me hither, this spell is a variation of a normal teleport spell but with finer control and a lot less draining and disorienting... it is accompanied by a pentagram that spreads out two feet from his form upon the ground which he stands. Call of Turles, this spell, when cast, can be very intimidating or very deadly, depending on Rase's focus.. when it is cast, a span of spheres, like clacker-balls, comes into existance all around the targeted area and begins to sway and clack at random... this creates something of a labyrinth that the target must traverse as the balls are very gravitional unless the person or being is on the ground, making flying or jumping a very difficult thing to do... naturally, one could assume the purpose... one misstep or badly timed pause and the balls will collide with the body and could do anything from badly bruise to flatten or smear a living being into paste; it extends for ten meters in each direction unless Rase expends more energy to make it expand larger. This is a partial list of his 'big' spells
Creatures/Pets/Familiars:Chantelle? (Notes Chantelle smacked him and blacked his eye for that)
Special Notes:Rase was always a child that was fascinated by magnets and gravity growing up. He would sit and stare for hours at his perpetual motion machines and wonder how they worked, marvelling at the wonder of Nature known as magnetism. He would tinker often with gadgets and inventions, loving how they were put together, becoming a pretty fair mechanic by the age of five, having a natural rapport with machines and metals in general.
As he grew older, towards adolescence, he began having few friends but friends that showed interests similar to his own. They built things together, wonders of their time, though none were as gifted as he and would always look up to him even though he was the little kid amongst the "big boys". Girls noticed him for his handsome looks, most notably his beautiful deep purple eyes that were unique to his entire home town. But he, on the other hand, was very shy and would keep mostly to himself, tinkering with this and that and blushing at the attentions of the girls that would praise his work.
At the tender young age of 14, he came into his own and the repressed nature came through, his playfulness and open affection, his manners of speaking. All the attention and praise he'd received growing up had given him confidence and he began behaving accordingly. While this offended some people, he was the center of attention and many people only had eyes for him. He never took a girlfriend in those years, preferring to not tie himself down, though he made the acquaintances of many girls many that he had only a few years before blushed and avoided their gaze whenever they'd praise him.
One girl in particular had her eyes set on him and she was determined that he would be hers, even if it killed her. She found out as much about him as she could and she knew that she could never do what he could do with his primary interest... but it did not daunt her. She was determined to try and learn. And so, two years later, she had succeeded where everyone else had failed. The handsome Rase Thundar, now 17, had been netted.
He was happy in his new relationship and immediately after she won his heart and got deep within him to that shy, gentle person that he was within, he settled himself down more for her and while he would still flirt, would not stray from her. He had taught her what he could of his love, and while she didn't catch on to everything, she was a quick learner. They became engaged a year later and many young women had their hearts broken by that claim of love the two had pronounced. Perhaps, it was that jealousy, that brought the end of the true loves.
One night, just after his 19th birthday, he and his love were just about to finish their work on his latest invention, a project they had worked together on as a testament to their unity. They were greasy and dirty and sweaty, but they looked at one another and they'd grin in excitement at each other, eager to finish what they'd begun together, both trembling with the promise of a long, close shower before bed when they retired.
So taken with one another and their work, neither noticed a stealthy figure sneak into the workshop and slip something into the electrical generators that Rase had built from scratch. They slipped away just as a hideous squeal erupted from the generators, signalling an overload from a foreign substance. Rase could only watch helplessly as his beloved selflessly shoved him aside and fell atop him just as the device exploded thunderously. Their invention was instantly destroyed and turned into scrap metal.
When Rase came to, the first thing he realized was that both his legs were broken and he was bleeding from a piece of shrapnel that had imbedded in his side and pierced his lung. His sweet fiancee, the young woman who had made it her personal quest to get him for her own, who had changed her life so much just for him, who had made his life truly happy... was dead, bleeding from having metal shards impaled into her spine and heart and neck, her body having shielded his from fatal injuries while killing her instantly and painlessly.
All he could do is lie there beneath her unmoving form and gaze into her beautiful face, looking so peaceful in death, and realize that his life was over, that everything he'd ever longed for had just been taken from him remorselessly. His fiancee, his work, his home... it was all destroyed, leaving him with a corpse and scrap metal and shattered dreams. He held his love to him, not caring that he too was about to die from the pierced lung and dreadful internal injuries... he was about to join the woman he loved in the after-life.
But it was not to be... a man stepped from the wreckage and gazed down upon him holding the dead girl with cold, sea-green eyes... a perfect complexion and build, dressed in utter finery and seeming to be a living god risen from the wreckage of the machine. He spoke only once, but he did more to Rase than he would have ever though possible... "I have need of your skills. I will not permit you to die, boy."
And without asking at all, he brought new life to the young man, taking away his wounds, his pain, his consciousness. The next time he awoke, it was in dreadful agony and pain, his body being torn apart and the flesh and viscera rended from his bones, this his bones themselves disintegrated and reformed into demonic design. His latent abilities manifested within him as his new body became whole, shaped, and crafted from evil's perfection... but it did not steal his heart. He would never forgive that stranger for forcing existance upon him and denying him the ability to die and be with the one he had loved so dearly. But he was wily and did the lord's bidding freely, knowing that it would not befit him to rebel. And so, he remained as he was... and he met a curious individual that shared a kindred spirit and fascination with machinery... that individual's name is Rave. Rave helped him cope with the change and convinced him to live on as the new him, gave him a new purpose in life... and so, with a new best friend/brother, he began his new existence, perfecting his talents, his engineering skills and the one that his love had taught him - designing and decor, the reason the two had come together. She had stolen his heart with her beautiful creations that she made just for him and taught him how.
He earned his keep by commisioning with Rave on 'toys' when he wasn't too high to work on something, and by designing some of the structures that the Elites use within their domain. (*lets the creator of the race decide what and where and if it even exists anymore*) He hides his loss behind a mask of playfulness and arrogance, his pain and loss buried deep within him, locked away, having taken Rave's advice on dealing with such things. Needless to say, if it hadn't been for Rave, he would have gone mad... but thanks to Rave, he just drifts off into never-never land on some of those mind-bending substances, especially when he seems about to collapse into misery... sometimes drugs are just plain wonderful.

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