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Used with permission by Artist Luis Royo, Title, "The Last Guardian"

Wolfie, the Red Dragon's Human Form, dragon form removed as we cannot locate the artist for permission to use.

Name:Red Dragon/Wolfie
Nicknames:Red, Wolfie, RD
Race:Soul Dragon
Age:tsk tsk a dragon never tells its age!
Weight:there isnt a scale big enough but in human form im about 190
Hair:Human form Black
Eye color:Black human form/Drgon Red
Appearance:a big Red Dragon (use your imagination)
Birthplace:I havent a clue
Outward attitude:Mean and Evil however i can be a really great person if i like you
Inward Nature:Mean and Evil however i can be a really great person if i like you
Weapons:Dragon Blade,Black Oynx Sword,Razor Chain,Soul Dagger,my Automactic gold guns, a shotgun, and a sledge hammer I keep them inside my being and summon them when needed
Abilities:I can shift between four forms Dragon/Human/Wolf/Demon and i get my magic power from the souls of my victums *smiles*
Spells:i dunno i havent counted
Pets/Creatures/Familiars:If i had a pet i would eat it so i dont have pets
Special Notes:Well ummm I adopted Dark Mistress as my mom and i love her to death! hee hee well thats about it ohh yea im really cute!

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