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Riptide and his daughter Zephyr Xternal Colored and non colored

Used with permission by Ruth Thompson, Title "Contemplation" 1998 Ruth Thompson. All rights reserved! Read the legal information.

Zephyrs Page, Tower of The Winds

Name:Riptide Xternal
Nicknames:Lord of Shadows, Rippy
Age:25; in total length of life unknown except by him
Weight:165 pounds
Hair:Brown with white forelocks, shoulderblade-top length
Eye color:Green, sometimes blue and othertimes violet when in a certain, heightened state (wink wink, nudge nudge)
Appearance:When at home and relaxing, he usually just wears a pair of green shorts that reach to the bottom of his thighs and a loose grey sleeveless shirt. Whenever company calls or he needs to wear more, he dresses in a black shirt and loose pants with black boots that reach to midcalf and a black cloak with hood. At his side his a holster holding his ignore pistol or incendiary. Occasionally, he dresses up slightly different, wearing brown leather pants and a dark green vest that remains open with his hair tied back.
Occupation:Husband, Father, Cook (took over Nissandra's kitchen, much to her dismay!)
Birthplace:Unknown except by him
Outward attitude:Very friendly, usually quite cheerful and happy-go-lucky, very hard to anger and usually uncalmable afterwards (though Nissa's touch has startling effects upon him), very loving with his family
Inward Nature:Happy, peaceful, having found his life's purpose and purged the violence from his life that is the nature of his people, finally having given up the ways of warfare and destruction for a life of peace and happiness with his wife and his family.
Weapons:None these days; well, take that back... he does still carry his ignore pistol and his old incendiary pistol he found one day in Fantasy Lake, as well as a dagger in both boots
Spells:: Shadow Magic and Inherent Powers. When in Dispelled Magic zones, his shadow magic won't work but he is still able to use his powers for defensive only purposes, one of these being escape. He has used this ability to rescue himself at times, as well as save his daughter, Kalyndria, from where she and the rest of his family were imprisoned by Puck. He also used his abilities in anger when he crushed the life from a person/being who had beaten and raped his daughter Zephyr while she was also imprisioned in the same place
Special Notes:At one time, the Valheru race ruled supreme over the universe, but in their arrogance, they though their strength and fighting prowess would defeat any foe. And so it came to pass that nearly all of the Valheru race joined together into one vast being to combat the fledgling gods that had recently appeared and threatened their power. This was their undoing and in a battle between Ashen-Shugar, Lord of Eagles, and Draken-Korin, Lord of Tigers, the "Enemy" as they had been come to be called was sealed into a Lifestone, trapped forever. There were now three Valheru left... Riptide Xternal, Lord of Shadows, Ashen-Shugar, and Zephyr-Xternal, Mistress of Shadowlight. Zephyr was safely tucked away, being only a newborn at the time, safe with the elves of what was to one day be known as Altreas. Ashen-Shugar lived out his days and disappeared. Riptide-Xternal, knowing that he would be unable to return to his daughter, decided to go dormant and place his essence into his blade until such time that he would be reunited with her.
Now, it has been 4 centuries later... Zephyr-Xternal has grown up and Riptde has awakened. They have met up again. Riptide has also met his one true love and is married happily to her and is in the process of creating a very large family.
Unlike his now long dead brethern, Riptide no longer embraces destruction and violence. To attempt to coerce him into a fight is nearly futile and to try to use his family against him to goad him into a fight is pointless, as more often that not he will merely draw them away and leave as well, leaving you standing there like a fool with your sword at a nonexistant throat.

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