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Name:Robed Wizard
Race::eyes narrow: remains unknown.
Age:Very old.
Weight:147 lbs.
Hair:long brown hair.
Eye color:blue eyes.
Appearance:has a beard and moustache, usually wears a (solid red or solid black) robe.
Occupation:If I told you, I would have to kill you.
Birthplace:remains unknown
Outward attitude:Caring
Inward Nature:Worried
Weapons:A staff (name remains unknown so that no other wizards can conjure it.)
Spells:plenty of earth spells, mostly healing.
Special Notes:He knew he was immortal but he knew he would also outlive his kids. He placed a spell upon their souls to forever reincarnate, life after life. He spends his time hunting them down. He knows if he finds one, the other 3 are nearby because the spell is also stated that they must be related to each other in every lifetime. His 4 children were Manon, Lorana, Randis, and Vanessa. "Sweety, You make your true father proud of you over and over... How? That is to be known later..."

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