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Name:Rowan Shaveril
Height:5' 8"
Weight:130 lbs
Hair:Dark auburn
Eye color:Icy green
Appearance:A pretty, heart-shaped face framed by jaw-length curls. Very nicely curved, muscled underneath
Occupation:Assassin (you saw this coming, right?)
Birthplace:Nobody knows
Outward attitude:Cheerful, friendly, flirtatious
Inward Nature:Independant, sardonic, curious, never follows orders blindly
Weapons: A shortsword, several throwing knives, a dagger
Abilities:Total mastery of her chosen weapons, fair acting ability
Special Notes:Rowan began training as an assassin at age 7. She remembers nothing of her life before this time. Other then the Queen and a few of her advisors, nobody knows who she is. She is currently looking for Kiliyen sep Morgis, but has been told very little about why.

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