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Used with permission by Ruth Thompson, Title "Ascension" 1998 Ruth Thompson. All rights reserved! Read the legal information.

Name:Sade Ravine
Race:1/2 ArchAngel(ArchAngel of Fire) 1/2 Dark Elf
Hair:Pure white
Eye color:Varies, though always appears as a burning flame
Appearance:Black and red feathered wings, hair hangs far down his back, usually seen in a black cloak, with an etching on the back depicting a crimson bladed sword, pointed upward, representing his alignment to fire, at the base of the sword's hilt is a forest green pentacle, representing his alignment to earth
Birthplace:The Mountains of Garion
Outward attitude:Dark, menacing, very somber
Inward Nature:Caring, protective of what he holds dear
Weapons:Wields a rune-etched scythe with a razor sharp, unbreakable, obsidian glass blade
Abilities:Extremely advanced pyromancy, slightly weaker geomancy
Spells:Several tainted healing methods
Special Notes:Sade's father is Michael, ArchAngel of Fire, and his mother was high-priestess in a cult of dark elves. His healing spells, while able to seal most any wound, and remove the scar without a without a trace, bring immense pain to the recipient due to the heat channeled from his body and into their flesh. His wings constantly radiate a heat of varying degrees based on mood, though he can also change this at will.

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