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"Used with permission" by Manga

Saeden Darklighter

Title: Life Worker
Sex: Male
Race: Half demloch, half angel
Age: 17
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 134 lbs
Hair: Ear length, silky, pure blue hair
Eye color: Gold and amber mixed eyes
Appearance: Saeden's youthful grace casts him about as a teenager at the height of his playfulness, however his soft swirling eyes, and gentle face show more respect and maturity then his years should grant. Dressed in soft grey tunics, his pointy ears are often hidden by his hair, giving him a very human appearence
Occupation: Bartender
Birthplace: Old Fantasy
Outward attitude: Quiet, curious, good-natured
Inward Nature: Perpetual, loving, sweet, honest
Weapons: Silver dagger
Abilities: Teleport, Holyfire, Chi Persuasion, Chi Strength, Lovers Touch
Spells:Touch of Life, Care-Takers Caress, Spirit's Breath, Prince's Kiss, Divine Wonder, Sweet Embrace, Star Gaze, Grim Reaper, Death's Door, Circle of Friends
Creatures/Pets/Familiars: Saeden does not believe in keeping pets, and as of this writing, he has no familiars
Special Notes: Saeden is often seen working as a bartender in a small tavern in Selton, however he may or may not be caught wandering the realms, shedding only a slight glint of what he could or could not be...

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