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Name:Samius Xenion
Nickname:Lone Walker, Lone Walker X, X, Sam, Xen, Druid, Spirit-Walker, Lone Wolf
Weight:155 lbs
Hair:Silken blonde, slight traces of red caressing through it giving it a unique shade of color
Eye color:Sky Blue
Appearance:Usually dresses in leathers or nude, a cloak in many cases that will cover his body and his head if need be to protect him from the rain or from sun-burn and the like. His hair is long and loose, reaching to the middle of his ribcage, his eyes are serene and peaceful. He carries with him a runed staff everywhere that he goes and wears a necklace of bones given to him by a friend, and a braid in the front.
Occupation:Druid, Disciple of Tunare (Nature Goddess)
Birthplace:In the wilderness as of yet unknown
Outward attitude:Shy, quiet, somewhat cold and distant
Inward Nature:Gentle, untrusting, lonely but accepting it as a part of him and his duties, thoughtful
Weapons: His runed staff - with a prayer, he can transform it into a holy spear which he is skilled in the wielding of.
Abilities:He is a druid and is familiar with many different plants and animals and can speak to such things. He is able to track and follow very well and seems to possess an instinctive knowledge of which way he is heading without needing a compass to tell him.
Spells:He has many healing spells and can summon nature's beasts to protect him or keep him company. He also has two root spells, one which merely tangles roots around his target, and the other which does more or less that same thing but only with thorns and sharp spines, none of which are poisonous. As a final thing, he is able to take the form of a wolf and become one for about an hour at a time or until he is ready to shift back - this spell works on others as well, though they cannot shift back until he releases the spell from them or an hour passes.
Creatures/Pets/Familiars:None at all, just anything that comes along, he helps.
Special Notes:There is little known about this mysterious stranger, other than that he doesn't socialize much and is usually seen wandering about in the forests. He helps many travellers who become lost in the woods and sends them on their way, taking the gifts they offer him in thanks with a soft smile, not letting them give him too much in any cases.
He walks alone in the world, many secrets held inside him, many thoughts that wander through his mind day to day in service to his Goddess, Tunare, the Mother of All. Life is easy for him as he is very settled in his ways and changing him would be very hard to do. He is strong of spirit and of mind and is hard to get close to. To any that are close to him and he calls them friend, he is a very friendly, warm man, very kind and helpful... and very protective of those few friends he has.

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