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"Used with permission" by Manga

Name:Sarin Zelithan Antilles
Nicknames:Daddy (heh heh heh)
Race:Stylaxian Elf
Height:5 ft 9 inches
Hair:Brilliant red
Eye color:Deep, azure blue
Appearance:A cheerful man, he currently wears an eyepatch to cover his still healing left eye, lost due to a surgery necessary to bring Miranda sight. He dresses in golds and reds on formal occasions and in simple white tunic and blue jeans when playing with his daughter Katrina and his wife Miranda
Occupation:Emissary of Altreas, guardsman, father and husband
Birthplace:Yew of old Altreas
Outward attitude:Friendly and quiet, a great love of his family and friends
Inward Nature:Curious and insightful, paying attention to what goes on around him, happy
Weapons:Is skilled with bladed spear and crossbow, his preferred weapon being a sabre as it is quick and maneuverable. As a gryphon, he has claw and beak and powerful wings.
Abilities:He has the natural ability to become a crimson gryphon. This is a nonmagical ability and cannot be prevented except by death of either one, in which they are locked from their alternate form for upwards to 72 hours or more. He is also very proficient at scouting and tracking.
Spells:Sarin is a Chronomancer Adept and can control time at a mere thought. However, years of control and teaching went into him for him to master his abilities and he very rarely uses them for the responsibility of such power is heavy. He could unmake everything at will if he's not careful
Creatures/Pets/Familiars:Miranda's drake and familiar
Special Notes:Sarin met Miranda one lonely night in the clearing of FG. He travelled with her to Altreas to learn that her home was no more and that she needed sanctuary. Talon gave him his request to be her guardian and to show her around her new home and make her feel comfortable. During that time, the two fell in love, Sarin loving the blind noblewoman with all his heart. They came to be married and soon afterwards, the morning after their wedding, she became pregnant with their first born, Katrina Antilles. In the midst of her term with Katrina, Miranda underwent a delicate surgery that restored her vision in both eyes at the cost of Sarin's left eye, temporarily losing it completely until it could regenerate. The sacrifice was accepted unconditionally by Sarin who loved his wife dearly enough to do anything for her, anything at all for her happiness.
They continue on still, the two of them keeping each other in shape while little Katrina grows up happily, learning how to fight and defend herself under the watchful eyes of her loving parents.

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