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Artist for this Picture, Dryta D'Ken

Name:Demoness Saska
Nicknames:Sassy, Red one, demon prophet
Race:Elorian demon
Age:Age is relevant.
Hair:Black, normally.
Eye color:Swirling colors.
Appearance:Dark and slim, long black hair, high cheekbones. Wears only red and gold.
Occupation:The demon prophet of Elor, and the advisor to Dryta and the Archmage.
Outward attitude:Speaks little, answers all.
Inward Nature:
Weapons:Han- A magical power used only by females, taught by those with Han, in which she can hold to her command one person. It can only be used if she is attacked directly.
Abilities:Demon striation, prophesy, nuetrality and Common Sense.
Special Notes:Elorian demons cannot attack without provoction. She can not lie nor deny answers other than those made forbidden by her superiors. She is a level 50 demon, the highest. Her prophesies hae been used by many and hae not yet proven wrong when understood correctly. It is not in her nature to define the prophesies, only to state them.

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