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Name:Silvara Hopespring
Race:Grey Elf
Weight:110 lbs
Eye color:amber
Appearance:she's pretty much your typical grey elf in appearance, at least.
Occupation:she is an adventurer and a theif
Birthplace:unknown. her parents were outcasts of the grey elf society, and fled to the world of humans. she was never told if she was born with elves or humans.
Outward attitude:arrogant and mocking, typically. though she can be surprisingly nice at times.
Inward Nature:torn between the betrayal she feels for the other elves and the hatred towards her parents for that betrayal. she's a good person though, and very honor-bound
Weapons: daggers that are hidden in just about every fold of her clothes, as well as the bow and arrow combo
Abilities:she is an incredible fighter, when pressed, though she prefers to hide her abilites and often will flee a battle rather than reveal her skills.
Spells:she knows a few healing spells, but has not yet even begun to realize her full potential
Special Notes:she is a very honorable person, though she is a theif and occasionaly teams up with pirates. she is one of those who believes in "honor among theives". she has mercurial mood swings, but is usually somewhat reasonable. she never betrays a friend, though it is very difficult to make her consider you one.

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