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Name:Silvenwolf de Mirlena
Nickname:The Mysterious one
Race:Part elven, part sorceress
Hair:Black with a silver white streak in the front
Eye color:Deep blue
Appearance:Her close fitting gown, flaring out at the waist and the sleeves, she looks every inch the traditional sorceress. The dress is a dark forest green meshing with navy blue, silven intricate tendrils working their way up the dress. Her hair is often left flowing about her shoulders, and there is a deep red ruby interlaced with silver nesting in the hollow of her throat. On her hand is
Occupation:Sorceress, healer, spellcaster
Outward attitude:Quiet, shy, and keeps to oneself
Inward Nature:Trustworth, kindhearted, and gentle
Weapons: She carries a staff carved with arcane markings, idle becomes a color of silver interlaced with gold. When empowered, it reflects one of three colors: dark menacing red, bright blue, and an electic green. Her ruby ring often enhances these spells.
Abilities:A weak ability to heal herself and others
Spells:At the stronger level, she masters fire and ice. At a weaker level, she is somewhat skilled in the craft of lightning.
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