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Name:Overlord Sinistrad
Nickname:Sin, Sini, King of the Bar, Jason
Age:Unknown, true immortal?
Eye color:Red Irises
Appearance:Very handsome man, wearing a blood red robe with black boots and gloves red tinted sunglasses, a blood red shoulder chest plate, and a skull helmet.
Occupation:Atlantican Councilmen, Preist, Overlord
Birthplace:Kushar (Differnt Planet, differnt dimension)
Outward attitude:Mostly intetrested in war and honor. Has nothing but hatred and contempt for guns and all high-tech ranged weapons, and considers those who use them to be cowards. Sinistrad can be a cruel and vendictive man. He sees all life forms as lesser and has no respect for those he does not deem worthy.
Inward Nature:Kind and compassionate.....
Weapons: Two black burning blade swords, of emense power. The swords are unbreakble and ca peirce most substances.
Abilities:Astral travel, keen vision, extremly sharp senses, never fatigues, seldom sleeps, see the invisible, Immune to psionics and all poisens, extreme speed and strength (speed is a natural lvl 2 clerity because of his nature), sense/recognize enchantment/magic 98%, dimensional teleport 98%
Spells:Exorcism 90%, Remove curse 90%, Turn dead 90%, Ressurrection 80%, Healing touch Master of Rune Magic (57th level, the last?) Sin is also well versed in energy sunstances. Mind read, sense attack, alter aura (self), empathy, mind block, presence sense, sense evil
Creatures/Pets/Familiars:(see his webpage below!)
Special Notes:Sinistrad's Webpage for more info on the character!

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