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Artist Luis Royo, Title "Wading"

Race:half-elf, half human
Hair:long, dark hair
Eye color:sparkling green eyes
Appearance:dressed in hunting leathers, a cloak clasped at her neck, her cross bow slung across her back, her eyes sparkle a brilliant green with the curiousity of her nature
Outward attitude: brave, boastful, loud, ready for a fight
Inward Nature: fiercely loyal, protective of her friends and family
Weapons:a holy blade by the name of "sword or sorrows" I also carry a cross-bow.
Spells:I am adept at the use of magiks both white and black
Special Notes: I am adept at the use of magiks both white and black and carry a holy blade by the name of "sword or sorrows" I also carry a cross-bow. My kindred spirit is Cameron a unicorn and I have the ability to morph into a hawk.

Was born mother was raped by a human and the result was me. When I was young we were shuned and cast out of our home in Qualanesti by the elders who thought my looks hideous...I do not have the fine elven features of my race, altho I do have the pointed ears. I have sparkling green eyes and long, dark hair.

I was befriended by Asynkra..he and Red Magus put me through a ceremony to take the human taint from my blood. The magik was cast and I was cleared of the human part of me...altho I kept my humanly features.

I married Avatar and had one daughter named Althena, who later died ...Avatar also passed away, leaving me alone again ...I later met Hulartann, one of the original people I met when I arrived in this realm, We married and are currently still married, we have two children, Mehalel and Caria. I reside now with Hulartann in Malcorean Keep.


Lady Skyhawk

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