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Used with permission by Artist - Luis Royo

Name: Synndi Ramsay
Sex: female
Race: human
Age: 22
Height: 5'9
Weight: A girl never tells.
Hair: long brown hair
Eye color: brown eyes
Appearance: She usually wears a dress, Sometimes earthly tones but she has had her shares of wearing dresses where the color is just absolutely beautiful. Her hair is always let free and she only ties it back during formal scenes.
Occupation: HouseWife (She's bored. ::hides from Jorael::)
Birthplace: She has sworn to never reveal her former home.
Outward attitude: She seems very meek and timid at times, But other times, she can be very outspoken and carefree.
Inward Nature: She's very observant and cautious though she never lets it show. She is beginning to toy with the idea there is some conspiracy trying to break her and her husband up by forcing her husband to change physically.
Weapons: None, Except using vulnerability when she's pregnant. ::innycynt smyle::
Abilities: Keeping the house cleaned and the dishes washed and clothes folded (Did I mention she was bored? ::hides again from Jorael::) Do you consider those abilities?
Spells: None
Creatures/Pets/Familiars: None, well, She has a pet in the bedroom when her husband comes around. ::wink::
Special Notes: Synndi, If you can't tell by her last name, married Jorael Ramsay and they are happily (Did I say she was bored? She is. ::hides even again::) married with a family in Rael's Hollow.

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