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Name:Taladam LunarRune of Atlantica
Eye color:Purple
Appearance:Long blue hair (usually tied back), Usually in white mage robes or mage battle armor. Carries multiple Items (see page)
Occupation:DAMMAD Admin./ Atlantican Brewer
Birthplace:Falkirk, Atlantica
Outward attitude:Peaceful for the most part, but a peacekeeper
Inward Nature:Tries to keep the peace within himself, but he is doubtful and has an inner anger unknown to others.
Weapons: (see page)
Abilities:Normal Mage abilites. Can fight to an extent
Spells:Basic and advanced mage spells. Can summon.
Creatures/Pets/Familiars:None as of yet
Special Notes:1)Looking for a "someone".
2)Enjoys tome and script writting
3)Enjoys Brewing and inventing new brews.

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