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Hair:light brown
Eye color:hazel
Appearance:Neat, trim, well muscled and toned, usually dressed in Herald whites unless on vacation or on an unofficial assignment for the King
Birthplace:Sorrows, Valdemar
Outward attitude:Very moral, quiet,
Inward Nature:
Weapons: Light long sword, daggers in both boots, one on hip
Abilities:Has telepathy or what he refers to as mind speech which enables him to talk to and hear others with the same ability. Can also detect thoughts if not shielded, but because of his high moral code, rarely uses this gift. He is also mage gifted and is capa
Creatures/Pets/Familiars:Rolos is Talion's "Companion" in Valdemar, Companions choose their life partner and rarely live past the death of each other. Talion is Rolos "Chosen" see notes below
Special Notes:Companions have the ability to enhance their chosen's natural abilities, but, as a rule, can not cast spells or heal anyone. They can, however use telepathy with whomever they choose besides thier chosen. In rare cases, Companions have been known to enhance or lend strength to others who are not their chosen. Companions are capable of large amounts of endurance, far beyond a mere horse. They have an incredably smooth gait and can move at great speeds. Companions are always white and can not be dyed due to the magic that formed them. Their eyes are always a deep sapphire blue.
A note on Heralds:
Heralds are charged with keeping the peace in Valdemar. Heralds follow a moral code that is higher then most average people. Only a very moral upstanding person with an ingrained sense of duty are chosen by a Companion.

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