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Name:Sir Tantris
Nicknames:Doesn’t know if He has one
Height: 6’
Eye color:Blind
Appearance:From the first look, He is frail and seems to be helpless. Strong in the upper body from working the anvil and hammer, He is muscular.
Occupation:skillfull in making weapons such as swords and daggers: They are for show but can be used in defense.
Outward attitude:He is caring to others and respectfull to those around him.
Inward Nature:For those who seek his wisdom, He is wise and patiant.
Weapons:A staff made from Oak. The powers that it has is that anyone who touches or attemtps to steal the staff away will be badly burnt. Thank you DM and Zephyr
Ablilities: Smelting of metal for weapons and fine jewelry.
Special Notes:Sir Tantris Born to a blacksmith in a small town of Hardernon. His parents tried their best to raise him the way they could. As He became of age, He started to work beside his father making horseshoes. He learned quickly and wanted to learn more in his eagerness. As time went by, He started to smelt his own metal, shaping and twisting them as trinkets. Gradually, He crafted bigger and better trinkets that stood the test of time, learning what is good and bad as well as learning from his father. His father was out in the woods, collecting metal, Tantris was smelting and making his trinkets as normal, it exploded. Tantris tries to duck out of the way of flying debris; a slab of wood caught him in the face causing him to go blind. His father returns to find him on the ground, unconscious. He woke him up to his horror; He was unable to see. Depressed that He could not work or learn his trade that He fought hard for, closed in upon himself. His father took him all over the valley, trying to find a cure for him. No wizard or doctor was able to help him.
Father found the purest silver and made "eyes" for Tantris. Again, becoming depressed made himself sick. Father decided to send him out and learn the world, forcing him to come out of his depression.
He traveled far and learning to cope with his handicap. He searched as He went, to see who could help his blindness but He found no one. He learns to see in other ways. In his travels, He made friends. Helping them the best way He could. He tried to continue his desire to learn but failed. His friends helped him the way they could. His treasure was a staff that was given to him. He kept it beside him at all times.
As time went by, his depression grew. The Gods above saw what was happening and brought him up to them. Leaving behind his friends and treasures. They taught him more how to see with his hands and taught him how to mold his craft. His spirit was full, aching to come out into the world to see. Full of life again, started his craft once more. He starts making what he feels and what He sees. Crafting armor and weaponry made for show and presentation.

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