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Name:Tarnem Draven
Nickname:Tar-Baby, Tarnisht, Mongrel
Race:Human, Magi, Tiger, Dragon
Height:5' 7"
Weight:150 lbs
Eye color:Brown
Appearance:Tarnem is thin, his build very slight, to the point of delicate. His brown hair is usually fairly short, though it is never above his ears. On very rare occassions, one might see him bare his wings, but most of the time he keeps them within himself.
Occupation:Unemployed; sometimes handyman
Birthplace:Keep of Twilight Dreams
Outward attitude:Aloof, distant, withdrawn, indifferent
Inward Nature:Withdrawn, slow to anger, gentle
Weapons: Flute: It is used to as a catalyst to some of his magic, but is also able to double as a dart blower
Abilities:Knowledge of herbal healing. Has wings, but almost never releases them. Some have claimed that the tiger sometimes seen in his vacinity is in fact Tarnem, but this has not been verified.
Spells:Lullaby, Dark Lullaby, Leper's Touch, Animate Dead, Necro Nightmare, PIed Piper, Wicked Healing
Creatures/Pets/Familiars:Some people have reported seeing a tiger in his vacinity, but this has not been verified.
Special Notes:Explanation/Description of Spells:

Lullaby: Uses the flute as a catalyst. This spell can lull people to sleep. It is a low power spell and even people without magic might be able to resist it if they really try. It will wear off naturally.

Dark Lullaby: Uses the flute as a catalyst. This spell will put the living dead to sleep. It does not affect the living, EXCEPT for necromancers due to their alignment with dead things. For them, it may or may not have an effect, depending on how much energy is put into it. It is a much higher level spell than lullaby. It will wear off naturally.

Leper's Touch: Does NOT use the flute for a catalyst. A very high power spell, this takes little time to prepare but drains a great deal of energy from Tarnem. This spell causes the recipient to receive leprosy-like sores wherever and whenever they are touched skin to skin. Unlike true leprosy, these sores will heal over time, provided they are not touched again. This spell is permanent unless disenchanted by a qualified magic-user who is willing to expend the same amount of energy that was put into it.

Animate Dead: Does not require the flute as a catalyst, but the flute can add power to the spell if used. If it was once a living thing, this spell can animate it. Effects vary by how the spell is applied. Living things include plant material like cotton and wool. (Hint: Ever been strangled by your own sweater?) Spell will last as long as it is fed; if not fed, it will wear off within ten minutes.

Necro Nightmare: Does not require the flute as a catalyst, but the flute can add power to the spell if used. This is actually a combination of spells which Tarnem worked out one day, and wove into a single spell. It is usually applied to a room or a building, but can, in limited form, but cast upon a person. The spell animates dead insects in the given area and attracts them to the specified focus (room, building, person). The types of insects can be specified, which cuts down the power required by the spell. Because the insects are dead, if they are "killed" they automatically re-animate until the spell runs its course. This spell can be disenchanted, or it will eventually wear off. People, due to their movement, are a poor focus, and the spell deteorates quickly, in about two days. Rooms and buildings take much longer, about three months or more.

Pied Piper: Requires the flute as catalyst. Can be used to summon dead things within hearing distance which have already been animated. Can also possibly be used to change the loyalty of the animated dead to the caster's side. This spell is also often quite effective on the Living Dead, depending on their personal power. It has no effect on the living.

Wicked Healing: Does not require the flute. This spell was taught to Tarnem by Lindell Jewelstaad, and is not necromantic. It has the power to heal any wounds, even the most grievous and terrible, including replacing lost limbs, etc. Healing is full and complete. The hitch is that the pain of the wound that was healed may return at any time for an indefinite period of time. It may be brief, it may last quite awhile before fading away again. This phantom pain cannot be healed because there is no wound to be healed. This spell is permanent and to the caster's knowledge cannot be disenchanted. Because it is powered by Shaitens, one might seek remedy through them, but the cure might well be worse than the problem.

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