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Artist of this Picture is Jonathan Earl Bowser, Picture named "Regeneration"

Name:Teleri Kai
Race:Child of Avalon
Weight:110 pounds
Hair:Rich brown hair just beyond her shoulders
Eye color:Hazel
Appearance:A burgundy wine red and white dress, trimmed with gold thread, and hanging neatly off her shoulders. Low leather slippers.
Outward attitude:Quiet, demure, shy, pensive, afraid. Often withdrawn.
Inward Nature:Unsure, deeply frightened.
Spells:Unknown, due to undeveloped skills
Special Notes:Teleri's earliest memory is that of wandering the streets, begging with her mother. They often moved about realms in a never ending journey for security. One night, while searching in an alley for scraps of food, Teleri (then but a tiny child) witnessed the murder of her mother by what appeared to be three Human women, one blond, one raven haired, and one with pure white locks. She could only hear bits of their conversation: "...the price of denying your heritage...foolish...." Teleri ran, driven on by deep terror. She was then lured into the clutches of a man by the promise of warmth and shelter, only to meet with the grisly face of rape. Oddly enough, by some strange inner strength, Teleri let loose a devastating force of utter destruction, desolating the area around her for miles. She then ran on, entering the realm of Fantasy and met up with Merloch. He befriended the child, then later cast Fae Growth upon her. Teleri continued wandering the land, and then chanced upon Ocarn, a Child of Avalon. He was the first to recognize her skills and alerted Lord Oberon, who then sent his trusty minion, Puck, after the girl, believing her to be another Child of Avalon. Teleri refused Puck's entreaties to return to the island, thereby provoking the Erinyes, better known as The Weird Sisters, to come after her. They revealed the tale of her mother--she had also refused to join with the other Children and subsequently died for her denial of her heritage. Teleri fled in tears, burned by the awful memory of her mother's grisly demise. She is still running, totally unsure of herself and her unpredictable destiny.

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