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"Used with Permission" By Emily M. Oberdorfer, Title Rekhallia #2"

Name:Thalis Silverwind
Nicknames:Storyteller, Doc
Race:Desert Elf
Age:Appearance: early 20s, actual age: 421 years
Weight:166 lbs
Hair:Midnight black
Eye color:Warm brown
Appearance:Dresses simply and discreetly, his appearance nonthreatening and peaceful. Has a gentle, comforting smile
Occupation:Village Healer, Cleric
Birthplace:Eyria, on the southwestern edge of the great desert of Elsewhere
Outward attitude:Warm and kind, friendly
Inward Nature:Loving yet lonely
Weapons:His staff and a keen eye with a longbow
Abilities:Knows many forms of first aid, can diagnose illness and disease, is natural healer. He bears knowledge of various herbs and roots with which he works his arts to complement his magics. He is very skilled with a bow, and knows many stories for the little ones of his village.
Spells:He is a healer, true and pure. His magic resorts to healing those even beyond death, his love of life strong and strengthening his magical powers for as long as he loves it so strongly
Special Notes:Thalis has lived alone in his village for quite some time, the joy of the children and the others of his village giving him happiness. And yet even with all the joy around him, he still is lonely for his own family, wanting a wife and children of his own so that he too may share in the joy of the many others in his desert edge home. Could this young woman from another world be that one to give him all that he has ever longed for?

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