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Name:The Chimera
Nicknames:Chim, Specter, Shadow, Angel, the Dark Angel, Catalepsy....
Race:Shadow Walker, bit of vampyre here and there... several other things, difficult to pinpoint one specific origin.
Age:However old you wish to make her.
Weight:It changes. The weight distribution is unpredictable.
Hair: White. Very, very blonde. Or perhaps black as a raven's feathers, sleek and shiny.
Eye color:Golden yellow. They glow with emotions. Good or bad.
Appearance:Chimera appears about 5 feet, 6 inches, very thin and extremely pale. Never appearing in the sunlight keeps it a milky white.
Occupation:Walking in the Shadows. Stalking the Shadows and staying in the darkness is her occupation. She watches you when you're being bad or good, and enjoys staring at people, introducing the possibility of insanity to them, for she stays hidden.
Birthplace:Deepest darkest place imaginable. Some call it Hell, others Heaven.
Outward attitude:To strangers she is 'open-armed' and allows people to get to know her. Though if you do not speak, she will watch and study you.
Inward Nature:Having no family, leaves her with friends. To them, and to herself, she can be the kindest of souls, or your worst nightmare. Using the term loosely.
Weapons:A scythe which is called upon in the times of need.
Abilities:Shifting in and out of the Shadows she can mold and and shape to any form in the Shadow Form. Taking on the appearance of a beautiful pale skinned woman, small black cat or a large black panther, the darkness is visible at any moment. Best not be falling asleep while she's in your sight, you may very well regret it. Casting darkness into your mind while you sleep and causing nightmares is a favorite of hers.
Spells:No particular spells, though binding and stealing other's sanity are quite appealing.
Creatures/Pets/Familiars:No pets, or speacial creatures to call upon, though she can change into several things. Crow, Raven, Black Cat, Black Panther, Shadow, Specter, anything dark, black.
Special Notes:

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