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Name:Tregor Feldspar
Race:1/2 dragon / 1/2 elven
Height:10 ft 6 in
Weight:3000 lbs
Hair:Blonde in elven form Redish in dragonoid form
Eye color:Silveryblue When Elven , Glowing purple in Dragonoid form
Appearance:in elven form very slender looking normal blonde and taned skin in draconic from he stands upright his muscles densely packed and the legs the size of tree trunks at the thigh he is coverd in blue scales
Occupation:Gladiator / Archer
Birthplace:Qenthal (elven community)
Outward attitude:Gruff cares for no one but him self goes from place to place as a vagabond looking for a place to be where he can fight with his warriors heart
Inward Nature:he is a very confusing person he will help those who are less fortunate then he he will fight to free the understruck by the wheel of fates
Weapons:Spear, Bow and Arrow,Battle Axes ,Cesti, Natural weapons (wings tail talon limbs)
Abilities:Healing & herbalism Blind Fighting Fire making Magiic and Sorcery Arial Combat Martial Artist Navigation
Spells:Blizzard ,Fireball,Animal growth and few (gm discretion)
Special Notes:Strength, Super Strength, Super Dexterity, Ultra vision flight, Shape shifting, Breath weapon(electric) Weakness Very large and Massive Humanoid Weight could crush smaller humanoid Has problem knowing his own strength Has semi problem grasping objects with his 3 Fingered Taloned hands
History Born to a Elven mother Mataia in the Elven village of Qenthal He had a normal child hood there he learned the Ways there of a elven archer. But wanted more he learned for a long time from the local Wizard ancient.
Where in he learn how to cast spells but his mother wanted him as a healer she trained him in the arts of healing.
When he became of age he went onto a Raiding party to a Dwarven mine to get materials for making things.Where in he was not fast and got caught by a swarm of dwarves and placed in there prison. Till there king came down and had a offer either be beatin in the dungeon or beatin to death in fair battle in the arena.
He took the Honorable battle but he never died in the areana he had many fall under him till one day he found where his other half was.
While in combatic manuver he got a gash over his eye from a battle axe where in his rage flowed and he wound up finding he was part dragon the crowd looked in aww as he took and made the small dwarfs that he was fighting against become small splatters all over the walls that was nearly his 50th year of being down there he was caugh at 60 yrs old not to old as a elven and definate not old for dragons
With the dwarves dead he took and Bellowed to the rest to release him and give him weath or the fate of the whole kingdom would be this.
With this the dwaven king released him and gave him all the weapons he got in gladatorial combat and the moneys earned during his times since then he has flown around and found new friends one in paticular.
Grethon a Dragon friend of his where in he learned how to use his breath weapon he has taken and learned of fought in arenas most his life now he wants to take and find place where can live in one place and not be gawked at

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