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Height:5 9"
Hair:Fine and wispy, the color is black with traces of white
Eye color:Green
Appearance:Wears a velvet blue mage claok. His face is soft and hollow looking. Eyes hard and peircing through to the soul. His hands are soft with small creases and lightly stained with herbs and grasses. Average built, not very muscular.
Occupation:Learning the ways of the mages and increasing his rank.
Outward attitude:Calm, not quick to anger. Very soft spoken
Inward Nature:Calm. Peacefull.
Weapons:A staff of Light and Truth. Sees what others cannot see. Is a powerfull weapon and create or calm chaos that is around. And it helps with the power of spells.
Spells:Is a high level Blue Mage. Growing is strength and learning.
Creatures:Hawk, Named Karal


Born and raised in Kettleton in a small farming village to the proud parents of Raleigh and Karal Marlough. He was a happy child and the family living modestly from crops that was brought in. Learning to be a keen shot with bow and arrow hunting for meat and the grain that was reaped, there was no hunger in the family. Karal fell ill when he was fourteen and did not live long after. While out hunting one morning, He found a newborn hawk that had fallen from the nest. He took it home and raised the bird to be healthy and to help it hunt along side him. He named the hawk after his mother, Karal.

His father, hurting from his Wife's death, sent Tyrion to be taught skill by the Mage, Tremaine. He took Tyrion and Karal in and taught him the old way's of magehood. The first task was to teach him how to read and write. Tyrion studied hard and learned for He was a quick learner. At the age of Nineteen, took the first series of tests that would follow. The test was hard on Tyrion and weakened him severely. Tremaine taught him how to grow in strength and to learn from his mistakes. A constant companion to Tyrion was Karal who was always there to listen.

At the age of Twenty-one, took the second of the tests. He past the test and did not tire from the ordeal. He continued to study under Tremaine's wisdom. Always secluded in the castle, studying hard and diligently, leaving the castle only to collect herbs and flowers needed for spells. At age of Twenty-four, He took yet another test and succeeded. It was tiring but he made it proudly.

Tremaine then took Tyrion to the side and told him it was time to leave and journey the lands and to learn from life itself. Through out his journey, from village to village, learning and seeking life's teachings. He amused children with slight of hand tricks and listened to the old. He reached his home village only to hear that his father had died from grief. The village took his home and land to pay off old debts that were not paid in full. With no family, Karal on his shoulder, walked away from his village that was no more.

Continuing his journeys, He walked into a land that was named the Gem Forest. He made friends quickly, laughed and enjoyed their antics. One person caught his eye for She was beautiful, wise and full of life and spirit. She took his breath away. Then the time came to take his final test. He didn't want to leave his friends behind but He had one journey left to make. He left the Forest, not knowing if He would return for if He failed, He would die.

He met Tremaine again and He showed the way to Tyrion. The test was long, hard, and very tiring that left him weak. He barely survived the ordeal. Weak and tired, A light appeared and when Tyrion looked up, two images appeared. He heard a voice but did not see their mouths move. "We are the Gods of Wisdom and Protection. We have been watching you, learning the ways of Magehood and pleased to say that you are now a Blue Mage. Having past the requirements, we have a gift for you." They then disappeared and in their shadows, a staff was standing. He reached out to the staff and when his fingers wrapped around the wood, The sapphire Gem exploded into light. It warmed his senses and his strength returning to make him strong again. Feeling the power surge into his body for He was holding the Staff of Light and Truth. With that in his hand and Karal on his shoulder once again, journeyed back to Gem Forest once more.

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