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Name:Maximums Carnivas Ultimo
Race:Unknown (but enjoys taking a human form)
Age:Eternal and Immortal (estimated at 629 Billion)
Height:Varies with his desire but mostly 8' tall
Weight:Varies with his desire but mostly 175 lbs
Hair:He has golden blonde hair, which is shoulder length.
Eye color:The whites of his eyes are as pure as snow, and his irises are as pure as jade, except a tiny black dot through which he can see all.
Appearance:Description: Ultimo can take any shape or form he desires. His original form was that of a man 8’ tall, with a skin tone of a sunrise. He has golden blonde hair, which is shoulder length. The whites of his eyes are as pure white as snow, and his irises are as pure as jade, except a tiny black dot through which he can see all. His look is that of a mid 20-year-old adult human. Weighing 175 lbs. His build is that of a slightly muscular. His physique is well toned and rounded. He wears the cleanest, whitest cloths made of angel feather, and a pair of angel feather boots. This is the form he likes to take the most.
Occupation:Thought to be the creator. Legend says he created every thing we know and will come to know. Before time and space existed, there was Ultimo in a state of suspended animation where the only thing that existed was conscious thought. With a single thought, time and space were created. Then over a period of 3 billion years the universe came to be as an empty void of space, time and infinite darkness. Over another vast time (approximately 8 billion years) Stars, planets, and all other solid matter was created. At this, ultimo was disappointed by the lack of life that inhabited these stars and planets. Thus the essence life was created. Solar flares, light, running water, fire, lightning, Ice, cold, magic, and wind, all of the basic elements of the universe that we know today. Then the beneficiaries of these elements were created: Reptiles, mammals, birds, amphibians, dragons, shape-shifters, griffons, half-lings, dwarves, elves, trolls, phoenixes, plants, humans, ! gods, gargoyles, demons, efreets, insects, titans, fairies, vampires, angels, golems, ogres, and arachnids, each with there own strengths and weaknesses. Ultimo, for his-own entertainment, then created the plagues of the world: Greed, lust, envy, desire, hope, hate, love, rage, and control. By this time the population of this vast universe was getting out of hand so Ultimo then created disease to roam the void of planets and keep the inhabitants to a limited amount of numbers. Next on his agenda was knowledge. Knowledge was created for the sole purpose to give these creatures their own fate. Accompanying knowledge was creation to an extent As of now Ultimo walks among mortals watching the eternal struggle for wealth and power among the creatures of the universe. Legend also tells that he has a passionate love for sun-flame, and wishes to make Sade Ravine his friend.
Outward attitude:Friendly
Inward Nature:Curious
Weapons:Weapons/items: needs no weapons or items, but does carry a pendant given to him by a man who he befriended.
Abilities:Abilities: ultimo is the sole creator of all. He controls all and is immune to everything. He cannot die or be killed. He will walk through any projectile attack of any element.
Spells:He knows all and can cast all at an expertly devastating level
Special Notes:Nature/alignment: Ultimo is neutral, he is only a watcher and doesn’t like to fight; however he will kill if necessary.
More Notes: Special notes: Ultimo seeks nothing but to watch the eternal show of life in the universe. He is naturally a friendly person unless he is ticked off. He has defeated the most powerful of armies who had wished to wage war against him, and sends the most fearsome of warriors running for their lives.

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