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Name:Venom of Atlantica
Age:around 25
Weight:100 lbs
Hair:Dark green & silver
Eye color:varies
Appearance:Lithe, with slightly scaly skin, pointy ears, fangs, & semi-retractable claws
Occupation:Professional Brat ;-)
Birthplace:Mad scientist/sorcerer's laboratory
Outward attitude:Brash, arrogant, fun-loving, friendly, teasing
Inward Nature:self-conscious, compassionate, friendly, loyal
Weapons: fangs, claws, good looks?
Abilities:chameleon-like skin, good night vision, highly poisonous, also immune to poison
Special Notes:Venom is cobbled together through science and sorcery, using the DNA of many different creatures and races. She was actually a failed specimen that was supposed to be destroyed, but ended up being released into the universe. (And the universe has never been the same since!) She has no memory of her early life. If her body takes enough damage that she "dies", her body will eventually knit itself back together, using elements of whatever material happens to be nearby.

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