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Angel Of Mercy and her husband Vermillion Gabriel Draven

"Commissioned piece please don't steal it is mine" Elizabeth Alba, Demonic Fyr Title "A Tender moment, Vermillion and Mercy"

Vermillon and Mercy's Poetry

Vermillion Gabriel Draven

Coming Soon! Vermillion, Nissa and Mercy's stories! In Book Form! "Journals of The DarkMistress will hopefully be out in 2003!

Name:Vermillion Gabriel Draven
Nicknames:Verm, Vermi, Vermy, Vermin
Weight:210 pounds
Hair:Purple hair, straight, down to small of back
Eye color:Icy blue (normal, but tends to vary)
Appearance:White trench coat, blue silk shirt, white khaki pants, and long black gloves, Two small pendants: One of a silver angel, one of a small upside-down cross Crafted of onyx
Outward attitude:Serious, cold-hearted, dark, somewhat cruel
Inward Nature:Warm to those whom he cares for
Weapons:Twilight Dagger; Black Scepter
Spells:Master of necromancy and item conjuring; Telepathy; Telekinesis; Teleportation Blood heals, though only when pure, Chimerical Gammadion; Shadow Play; Tainted Baptism; Demonic Purification; Reality Inversion Apocalyptic Dream; Shattered Dreams; Digital Blasphemy; Downward Spiral; Twilight Touch; Massacre Macabre
Special Notes:

Heart of The Damned

Behind a crystal of blood
Two pale lights can be seen
Colors ever-changing
Though always with a gleam

Pulsing dull colors
Bright lights flashing through
The eyes of a young soul
Who's hearts gone askew

His face with no emotion
He looks upon the barren land
Upon society's destruction
Upon the bodies of the damned

Within his blackened heart
He feels no remorse
For the pain and devastation
Of which he was the source

Fear brought about hatred
The mobs slaughtered his love
Raped her, beat her
They gave a push, he a shove

Though powerful he was
He could not take revenge alone
He constructed a tower
Of the darkest stone

Of the purest onyx
The base paneled with jade
Atop sits a single red ruby
Of the darkest shade

Visible at night
Though not by the light of day
It seemingly pulsed
A chimerical gray

No windows, no doors
No entrances known
Unbeknownst to the pitiful cowards
It was now this shattered souls home

With a mastery of necromancy
And no faith left in God
He embraced the darkness
With a smile and a nod

He scaled the stairs
Of his shadowy spire
Eyes dreary
Yet blazing like fire

Atop the black tower
He stared at the stars
Wishing his life were merely a nightmare
A dream from afar

He looked out across the fields
And all their heavenly graces
Looked upon the happy children
And their smiling faces

With no compassion left in his heart
He raised his hands to the sky
Hoping their suffering would quench his thirst
His own desire to die

His eyes began to shift
Whites went black, irises red
He looked upon the wretched scum
Which soon would be dead

His purple hair blew
Though there was no wind
He silently cursed God
He no longer cared about sin

Two simple words
Were all that crossed his lips
"Massacre Macabre" was spoken
And from his eyes, blood began to drip

Upon speaking these words
His body began to glow
Channeling dark energy
Into the structure below

Around the tower
Grass began to wither
Quickly and permanently
As if struck by an apocalyptic winter

Age old trees rotted
Entire herds fell
Lakes and rivers dried up
As did all wells

Bodies of the dead
Rose from their graves
They feasted upon the living
None were to be saved

Each man woman and child
Before they took their final breath
Heard, "Vermillion Gabriel Draven
Is the cause of your death"

Though seemingly he should
He felt no sorrow
For the pathetic wretches
Who would see no tomorrow

His very heart and soul
Had forever been changed
His mind had been left
Forever deranged

Though revenge had been gained
No pleasure was to be taken
For, upon causing this destruction
His future was forsaken

Throughout lands abound
His dark act became known
And now it seemed
That he must reap what he had sown

No matter where he went
No matter how far
He was turned away
And forced to sleep beneath the stars

Until at last
He happened upon a land
With lavish forests of trees
And beautiful beaches of sand

He met a strange woman
Cloaked all in black
But despite his reputation
She did not attack

She offered her friendship
To this poor outcast
He reluctantly accepted
Praying she knew not of his past

Day by day
The months drifted by
Many bonds were formed
Most of which died

Never truly affected
Never allowing his heart touched
He leaned upon the Mistress of the Dark
As his only crutch

Always closed off
He never felt his presence was desired
Always off to the side
Though his eyes streaked with fire

Yet one day
A fallen angel came
With her being cast from heaven
It seemed they were one in the same

As if by fate
Their relationship quickly grew
And passion and love
Were quick to ensue

Though his heart was still darkened
There was now a glistening light
Though a fact that which frightened him
It was a feeling he could not fight

He opened his mind to her
And gave her his soul
All the time assuming
His pain was her goal

But finally one night
As they layed upon a soft fur
He defied the darkness within him
And proclaimed his love for her

As the tears flowed from her eyes
He shed but a single tear of blood
He wrapped his arms around her
To try to cease the flood

He kissed her lips softly
And ran his fingers through her hair
His eyes pulsed with a pale red light
With a never before seen flare

He opened his heart once more
She now holds it within her hand
As delicate and fragile
As a castle of sand

On goes the life of this dark soul
Now with his beautiful love
He will try with all that is in him
To give her the stars above

Thank you Vermillion for your sweet words, you are a very dear friend and will always be here for you. You mean the world to me, don't forget that Sweet Vermillion to me!

"Used with Permission" by

Vermillion Gabriel Draven, Nissandra and Mercy, Her shattered soul and the man caught in the middle.....

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