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Artist Luis RoyoTitle, "Fissures of The Breeze"

Name:Lady Vilandra
Nicknames:Sometimes called the devil's bride
Sex: Female
Race:Human, half vampyre, immortal
Age:looks to be in her teens 22 at the most
Weight:113 pounds
Hair:Black or Burgandy, it is down to her back
Eye color:Usually deep blue it changes when she changes her moods
Appearance:She is strikingly beautiful with tan skin, high cheekbones and lucious red lips. Right above her right breast she has a mark it is the of the chosen one, the slayer, on her forehead she has the mark of the serpent queen. She usually wears a deep black or burgandy dress. She has a silver cruzifex necklace and a Emerald ring on one finger and a Diamond ring on the other. Around her wrists she has to silver bracelets with 3 Amythests in it. She sometimes where's her silver Tiara that shows that she is the emperess of Ambrosia.
Occupation:Spy, demoness, slayer, Darshivian princess and sorceress, Emperess of Ambrosia, Mother to Skye
Birthplace:The Darshivian castle, deep in the mountains.
Outward attitude:Usually Warm and friendly, she has many friends and many enimies, many fear her for she is very agile and strong, she is a great warrior but she will not harm any of her friends
Inward Nature:She is very patient and loves many, she hopes to one day find her one true love, she fears little for she knows that if she is killed she will be avenged and brought back
Weapons: Two dagger hidden over her clothing. Both with silver hilts and a ruby in the center with to amythest gems circleing the ruby.
Abilities:She is a great warrior and can cast many great spells, She has these "visions" and they help her in her journeys
Spells:Holy light, Holy fire, Dark Shield, Holy Water, Teleknesis, Telepathy, Shapeshift, Shattered Dreams any elemental spells will not work against me because i am an elemental sorceress
Creatures/Pets/Familiars:I have a cat familiar Amadeus and a blue water dragon named Mersey
Special Notes:She was raised by her mother and grandmother, her father died when she was youngue. She grew up in the mountains and had a great love for the animals and nature. She also loved to flirt with the boys (laughs). Her mother and grandmother then trainder her to be a emperess and a sorceress She was then sent to the temple of Kardumdishi to finish her training and to learn to fight. There she finished her training and then was sent back to the castle to find that everything had gone wrong. She then left the castle knowing that one day she must return to take her empire back.

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