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Name:Wiejeit Kie
Nicknames:Wie,Kie, Wiej
Sex:uhm sorta both
Race:therianthrope animal man/wear beast
Age: 770 e.y. as of feb 6 98
Hair:what he wants but usualy brown
Eye color: what ever he wants.likes one to be lizard green the other cat yellow.
Appearance:thats a good one WHAT HE WANTS he is "THERIANTHROPE" he likes to be a cross between a bat wolf and man like a gargole he has 3 thumbs instead of fingers and 2 fingers inbetween his elbow and hand
Outward attitude:
Inward Nature:
Special Notes:

Wiejeit Kie

Wiejeit Kie (like Gem, I have to refuse to correct the spelling errors. Word has so many red lines here :laughs: I'm not doing it Mike, the errors remain. :giggles again:)

AKA'S : nature cosmic energy

blood type : kaos in human turms All

religion : purity

phis mater : -0

socal rank : is the king of Teras vana onyxias transailvainea

not to mentoin the right full ruler of onixia its self....

siblings : Gill Kie a gibs breed of therianthrope lizaird/frog man

maritual stat : was married a long time a go to Ka re

is looking for AluntatnulA

Offspring : Zathruss Kie aka white fang wild boy a form of a deep spawn very

unintelagend but has great wisdom

Luther Vr Kie a craninutom imortol

Father : Jeszter Dragon Kie the coper dragon

Mother : Nar ra Kie human

gradpa : Methousamantanaragu Methous

Kaos a part of Kemo

the last of the old oder the first of the new oder

grama : keaytainayutertonmugas Keay

kaos ther last part of kemo

Some Friends : Old man Surin (traskx> he has never called him by his name they met as

childern along time a go

prince of the land of Kaos

unbalanced whatcher to the Kie line who has the blood of Khaoz in his

vaines but that is not known to any but his dauther

owner garud of Khaoz the land

half blood therianthrope wear tiger

Esuna Frean Shiva kie dather to jack and frost....

she was a student of his and he is her protecter

Monn dabbo preist he raised Zahruss good friend

Creed Frean therianthrope wing tooth man wolf bat of war of therianthrope


History : a twin he was first Noc thun came secuod Born on Earth 12121 Nar ra and Jeszter kie and was imeditly sent to onyxia .he was born therianthorpe breed wing tooth he was an infent wich ment he could not concel his abnormalitys but on onyxia he would face no human discrimnaiton. sept the racecal kind. at the age of 10 he was named bye Do kom kie his uncel.the would then encounter what would become a life long friend a boy then who tell his death Wiej never asked his name he only refers to him as old man surin his name is traskx surin they would be found togther every wear they were at ________the elven human war of 1414 it was traskx Lentus and wiejeit who stop the scermish of 1414.he would meet Va tume gathfs in 1470 threw Va tume he would meet His first wife Kar rie Zeedsum and have to kids Zathruss and luther.his brother nick named krock gills kileld her shortly after the birth of the childern he then stole luther.wich made Wiejeit a feral beast his brother took his wife and son he swore to aveng her he left Zathruss on earth with a trusted friend Mon dabo an abarigany presit then wiej began his quest for reveng wich many worned him not to but he did he romed the to worlds wond up in the badlands of icetanyan met the king and his dauther Esuna in 1480 he swore to protect her for she was his studen she was in school her asiignment find Intydera the legandary flower he was called a way from his quest in 1487 war of his kin therianthrope he went awall he figuerd out how to end ther war become king so they gatherd the over lords he would be biten by each none had gotn much past the 4th but he passed all 33 some said he had found the flower all ready but he had not for it was in a place only a king of both realms could go 1497 he and esuna found the flower he devowerd it hole wich signed his destiny Do kom was wise wiejeit when translated back to tork the unspoken languge of the old oder it is define in to ways depictive of your view on life

Wiejeit = eternal one or acursed.

you chose he was imortal now with the power to heal with a bite but the diseases did not just die it would transfer to himself a gift or curse you chose 3 years later he would find and kill his brother only to be inprisoned in a domain were you are the surealyouin your heart wiejeit was in fact every animal at one he is still there now in 1999.......

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