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Name:Wings of Darkest Evil
Nickname:Wings of Blackest Evil (alternate id)
Sex:other (neither male nor female, An It?)
Height:average of 4 feet
Weight:average of 65 lbs
Hair:(skin or scales) Various colors, but most often seen when pure black.
Eye color:yellow or black
Appearance:These creatures appear to be draconic, but are not. They havelarge batlike wings, two arms, and two legs. The main joint of the wing may also sport a small "hand" such as a bat has. They move gracefully on either two legs or all fours. They are most apt to be seen when pure black, (see notes below).
Occupation:To serve the altars of Abbedon.
Birthplace:Not applicable, but found only in the Dark Enchanted Forest and the outskirts of the surrounding areas.
Outward attitude:Whatever will best serve its current goal.
Inward Nature:Selfish, predatory, lazy whenever possible
Weapons: natural weapons only, in the form of teeth, claws and poison. The form of poison may vary from creature to creature and can also be magically adapted under certain circumstances. The poison is delivered only through the front claws.
Abilities:Absorb: can 'absorb' newly dead things. It derives a small portion of rejuvenation this way and allows the creature to know what the absorbed one knew. It can also mimic the absorbed one in voice and/or appearance for a short period of time.
Rejuvenation: this is a renewal of life energy which allows the creature to live an abnormally long life. It requires obtaining the energy from another living source. The greater the lifespan of the source, the greater the benefit. The creature's lifespan is increased by several times that of the source. Upon rejuvenation, the creature becomes younger and its original color is restored. This color deepens and darkens over time until the creature is pure black once more, and rejuvenation will soon become mandatory.
Cloak of Darkness: available only in the creature's dark phase, this allows it to more than blend in with anything dark. It can actually take on the appearance of something dark, such as a ! burn-blackened tree stump. It also gives it the ability to be one with shadows, though it +IS+ still physically there should someone stumble over it.
Spells:Binding: This spell incorporates various things depending on what is being bound to what. This spell is central to the process of rejuvenation, though rejuvenation is but one example of how the spell may be used. During rejuvenation, the essence of the subject is spiritually bound to the creature and to the altar* (please see notes below) that it serves. The Spell of Binding requires at least one of the things being bound together to be organic.
Reformation: This spell allows the creature to become what it once was before it became a creature. This requires considerable effort and cannot be maintained for long periods nor repeated frequently. It expends an appreciable amount of life energy to perform so is used only for special reasons.
Phase: This is a one way teleportation of sorts and requires no effort or energy to perform. It takes the creature from wherever it is directly to the altar it serves. It cannot be used to go anywhere else. T! he creature can, however, take other individuals or objects with it when it goes. This ability makes it extremely hard to capture or confine these creatures.
Creatures/Pets/Familiars:Darcholites are in fact the creatures of another being. What purpose they serve other than to serve and maintain their altars is unknown. The being they serve is known only as Abbedon.
Special Notes:The Darcholites (pronounced 'dark-o-lites') are not sexual creatures in that they do not in fact have a sexual identity at all unless they revert to their original form. New darcholites are created rather than born, with one special exception.

A darcholite serves its altar until its death. Upon its death, the oldest surviving priest or priestess bound to the altar by that darcholite will begin to undergo transformation. This is not instantaneous, but rather requires about a week to complete. If the priest or priestess dies before transformation is complete, the next oldest priest or priestess will begin transformation.

These priests and priestesses are obtained for the altar by the creature through the process of rejuvenation. This process is irreversible once completed unless the altar itself is destroyed within one week of the binding.

A traumatic experience for most, it is not fatal, nor is a priest or priestess called to serve the altar in any way UNLESS there is a specific threat to the altar itself. At such a time, the altar can and will exert an enforced phasing of any number of its priests and priestesses to defend it. These priests and priestess are completely free-willed and can easily refuse to defend the altar - however, if the altar is destroyed, ALL priests and priestesses bound to that altar will die. The darcholite, if not already dead, will also die.

On the other hand, each priest or priestess bound to an altar will soon cease to age, and most recieve ONE of several gifts, such as the ability to speak to animals. Priests and priestesses maintain their own identities and are free to live normal lives. Children of the priests or priestesses, born before or after their binding, are unaffected in any way, save for one notable exception.

If a woman is pregnant at the time of her binding, the fetus is also bound and will become a darcholite as it forms instead of the normal child. There is no cure for this. It will be born after the normal gestation for that being, but it will be born a darcholite.

This baby darcholite is fully formed and able to move about on its own shortly after birth. If the mother kills the infant darcholite, she is then bound to the altar. However, if she allows it to live, it is bound in her stead, and she is freed of the binding.

There is some speculation that the birth of a darcholite generates a new altar. This is based on the fact that each altar is served by only one darcholite at a time. However, no one has been able to prove this theory. The total number of altars in existence is unknown.

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