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Artist Luis RoyoTitle, "Fissures of The Breeze"

Name:Zphr Xtrl
Nicknames:Zha'helleav, Zeph, Zeppy, Zephy, Z, Zep
Eye color:Azure
Appearance:Hair is usually worn in a braid or down, a silver circlet upon her brow, a silver dragon pendant resting on her chest, wearing a blue tunic belted with a silver chain, black pants, and black boots that reach mid-calf.
Occupation:Drifter, Healer, Archivist
Outward attitude:Quiet, observant, calm, friendly, but shy.
Inward Nature:Chaotic at times, secretive, cautious
Weapons:7 crystal daggers, one crystal sword, silver wrist bands.
Spells:6th level
Special Notes: Married upon the eve of the winter solstice to Talon Laederon Darklighter, her truest mate in all ways possible and beyond. Now the ruling queen of Altreas and all its people, along side their King. She is also the Shadow Kell's master, they choosing to serve her completely.

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