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Nicknames:known through ževilia as The Irrepressible Zordauch
Age:unknown, has similar physiological appearance to 30-year-old humans
Weight:appx. 250 lbs.
Eye color:dark brown, almost black
Appearance:as is typical for Zaunkuans, has eyebrows slanted up toward the center of the forehead with felinoid eyes, nose slightly longer than most humans, and earlobes pointed at top and bottom.
Occupation:disinherited dauphin of the Zor'clan estate of the Zaunkuan Interstellar Empire.
Birthplace:Capital city of Zor'world
Outward attitude:difficult to tell... Zordauch is silent, not wasting his words on just anyone. He is known to follow a form of the code of chivalry.
Inward Nature:Dislikes corruption and intolerance, has little patience for those who try to make themselves feel better by insulting others.
Weapons:Steel dagger, forged by the royal smiths at Zaun'city; quarterstaff; fencing-style saber(rarely used).
Abilities:trained in a graceful, yet effective form of martial arts. Enjoys singing
Spells:-=no magick abilities=-
Creatures/Pets/Familiars:the few who still associate with him include Binraad, to whom he was once betrothed, and Dolchaar, who was primarily responsible for his up-bringing
Special Notes:has not been in chat lately... when there, cannot find old friends. perhaps they have moved?

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